Code of Conduct

Capitali & Idee Group   Code of Conduct

Essential Principles for Consultants

we do not invest or trading in any activity concern Army or abuse of people or sex trader.

we do not sales any info or personal data of our Clients

we do not collaborate with political groups or religion activist.

Capitali & Idee is a global and multicultural group offering Consulting and Business Service

in different continents worldwide. We are fully aware of our responsibility vis-à-vis customers,

shareholders, employees and the organizations within which we are active. This is why

we have established strict ethical rules for ourselves that guide us in all our business transactions.


We want to help the values that guide us to find acceptance worldwide and we therefore expect

our Consultants, i.e. all the companies that do business with Capitali & Idee Group, to base

their actions on the same ethical principles. For this reason Capitali & Idee Group has developed

a Code of Conduct for Consultants that sets the standards for the business relationships with our


Laws and ethical principles

The Consultant shall adhere to all the laws pertaining to his company. The Consultant shall support

the principles of the „Global Compact” of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of

Human Rights by the UN, the “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”

by the International Labour Organization as well as the principles of the Standard on Corporate

Social Accountability (SA8000). This shall apply in particular to:

 Child labour

The Consultant shall not employ children below 15 years of age. Night work is not allowed for

children. (Reference: ILO Convention 138(7); SA8000)

 Forced labour

The Consultant shall not use any forced labour. (Reference: ILO Convention 29; SA8000)

 Remuneration and working times

The Consultant shall observe the relevant national laws and regulations on working times, wages

and salaries and employee benefits. The regular working week without overtime shall not exceed

48 hours, and at least one day off must follow six consecutive workdays. Overtime shall

always be compensated at a premium rate and shall not exceed 12 hours per week. Wage deductions

in the form of disciplinary measures are not permissible. Exceptions from these rules

are allowed only if they are permitted by law and if there is a works agreement on this topic.

These rules may not be circumvented (e.g. by short-term contracts or fake employment relationships).

 Discrimination

The Consultant shall refrain from any form of discrimination. (Reference: SA8000)2

Occupational protection

The Consultant shall observe all applicable occupational protection and health legislation and

regulations making sure that there is a safe and health-promoting working environment to

preserve the health of the employees and to prevent accidents, injuries and work-induced illnesses.

Employees shall be treated with respect, honour, and dignity. (Reference: ILO Convention

155; ILO Recommendations 164, 190; SA8000)

Planning of operational continuity

The Consultant shall be prepared for business interruptions of any kind (e.g. natural disasters,

terrorism, computer viruses, diseases, pandemics, infectious diseases) and especially he shall

have disaster plans ready in order to protect both his employees and the environment against

the repercussions of potential disasters in the vicinity of his establishment as far as possible.

Inadmissible payments/Bribery

The Consultant shall observe the international anti-corruption standards as laid down in the

„Global Compact“ of the United Nations and in local anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation.

The Consultant shall especially refrain from offering the employees of Capitali & Idee Group

any services, gifts or other advantages designed to influence the personal behaviour of such

employees in their activities for the company.


The Consultant shall observe all current environmental legislation, rules and standards and shall

operate an efficient system to identify and remove any potential environmental hazards.

Dialogue with business partners

The Consultant shall communicate the principles described in this Code of Conduct to his subcontractors

and to any other business partners who are involved in providing the products and

services covered by the main contract. The Consultant shall demand that these parties also base

their actions on the same standards and principles.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct for Consultants

Capitali & Idee Group reserves the right to verify compliance with the requirements of the Code

of Conduct for Consultants subject to an appropriate prior announcement. Capitali & Idee Group

encourages its Consultants to introduce their own binding guidelines for ethical conduct.

The Consultant shall support his Consultants in complying with the ethical standards, human rights,

occupational safety and environmental standards in the context of meeting his contractual

obligations. The Consultant shall be solely responsible for his own delivery chain. Any violation

of the commitments of the Code of Conduct for Consultants shall be viewed as a major violation

of the contract on the part of the Consultant.

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